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Do Our Constitutional Rights EXIST?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

After the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday, Jan 6th, how do you feel about the constitutional rights of the black community?

Photo courtesy: Anthony Garand (UChicago News)

First, and foremost, the storming of the Capitol is further embarrassment for our Country. It’s also another eye-opener of how unconstitutional our rights are. As many have stated, if this was a black protest or even a threat of an ambush like this from a black organization, all lives would’ve ended on that day. You’ll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep your blog organized with Categories that also allow visitors to explore more of what interests them. -- Tyi

I feel like we were not in the constitution. I feel like we were not considered in the constitution. They never had a thought we would be involved in no way shape or form. I'm so happy for our leaders past and present who fight for us as a community and continue to show we here and we matter and we aren't going anywhere. They fear us and so they came up with this PANDEMIC called covid because we coming and we coming strong. -- L Boogie

The events we witnessed on January 6 2021 was a clear depiction of the Constitution in REAL LIFE. We saw men and women exercise their rights to free speech and protest. We also saw them proclaim that “WE THE PEOPLE'' had a right to hold the government accountable if we don’t like how they operate. The only problem I saw during the events on that day were that had those citizens been of mostly black or brown hue, they would not have been able to practice that same freedom in the halls of the Capitol Building that today. Instead, I believe we would have witnessed a massacre on an unprecedented scale. The fact is that when the constitution was written blacks were not considered in the statement “we the people'', because they were considered less than a man 3/5ths to be exact. Even after the 13th Amendment freed us, it also gave the right to lock us up at will. So, Do Constitutional Rights EXIST?! Yes, they do. Do Constitutional Rights EXIST FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY?! Nope. I walked away from seeing those events and it was clear that there is not equal justice in this Country and that there are two different America’s depending on the hue of your skin. -- Krys

The events that took place on Jan 6th showed us that the United States DOES NOT believe in any constitutional rights for the black community. I honestly feel that if the people scaling the walls of the Capitol and breaking out windows would have been black, they wouldn’t have even gotten that far. They wouldn’t have been shot or detained on-site! To take it a step further, if that would have been Barack Obama on that podium inciting that level of disrespect on the political system, we wouldn’t have been reading about his assasination shortly thereafter. -- Carib

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