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What does happiness look like for you?

Have you actually taken the time to find out what genuinely makes you happy or do you find yourself so busy making others happy? Do you hold others responsible for your happiness? It's time to find your happiness. Find that thing that brings a smile to your face as soon as you think about or speak about it. That one thing that takes you away for a few moments to a place that makes your heart skip a beat. That thing that warms your heart when you are in that space. Music does that for me. The rhythm, the words, and the way I pretend I am the only one in the room and I just allow my body to move to the beat. Music makes my heart happy, especially old school music like Isley Brothers, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Parliament. WOW! Just thinking of just those artists puts a smile on my face.

So find that thing that pulls you out of the world and places you into the space where you are enjoying every moment of your life. Hold onto that and you will never have a day that you seem to think is a bad one.

Live your life and dance like no one is watching!


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