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Taking Care of You: Beauty

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Fun | Makeup | Skincare

The Beta Pi Sigma Sorority Inc. (Alpha Kappa Chapter) is hosting a virtual beauty for women! This is a yearly fundraising event for the chapter scholarship fund. With this Sorority of Business & Professional Women, the overall goal is bringing women together within the communities for an afternoon focusing on the importance of self-care.

As women we often forget ourselves as we take care of others so this event allows us to not overlook the importance of self-care through inspiration and fellowship. -- Soror Maria Richardson, First Vice President, Beta Pi Sigma Sorority Inc.

WHEN: May 20, 2023 at 2pm EST

WHERE: Eventbrite

WHY: This event will support women through:

✔ inspiration

✔ fellowship

✔ sisterhood


Why should ladies attend?

A: This a wonderful program that includes the expertise from a local makeup artist and skin-care specialist, Ms. Kimberly Clark. She will provide valuable tools, education/resources, product referrals/introductions of sought-after skin-care products to ensure women can put on their shopping list. There will also be demonstrations of daily applications women can apply within their normal routines. Pastor and Soloist Ms. Teri Moore, who also performed in the historic play version of "The Color Purple", will provide us with the beautiful sounds of inspiration through song, prayer & motivational speaking.

What are the benefits?

A: Women will feel empowered, beautiful, uplifted and encouraged to love and be their best selves. For when we take care of ourselves, we feel wonderful on the inside. Then we are able to take care of our family & friends wholeheartedly.

BUT it starts with self-care.


an interview with the Ladies of Beta Pi Sigma Sorority Inc.

Stay Tuned.....


Beta Pi Sigma Sorority Inc. |

Please email for more info!

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