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Updated: Jan 9

Happy Goal Day!

Let me start with this question...

How are you feeling today?

  • Positively GREAT!

  • Doing good.

  • Hanging in there.

  • Wishing the day was OVER!

Next I want you to take some deep breaths.

Breath IN. Breath OUT.

Can you do that 5 times for me?


Now, let's get to the CTA of the Month...


USE YOUR CALENDAR (both digital & printed)


Here are 5 reasons why creating a schedule is important:

  1. Better Communication - Look at the tasks your goal list. Set reasonable deadlines for each task on your list. Make sure that you write down your goal list in your designated notebook.

  2. Better Work-life Balance - Make time in you schedule time to get your tasks done. I recommend setting aside at least 35 mins a day at least 3 days a week.

  3. Eliminate Distractions - Choose a quiet area to work on ur goals. Unless your task requires you to be around other people, DON'T. Use your goal time to focus. Also, make sure that your energy levels are good. So remember to EAT!! Don't work while your HANGRY!

  4. Use Time-Tracking Tools - Start utilizing tools such as the timer of your phone, Alexa, Google Assistant & other apps to stay on top of tasks. These tools will help you to keep track of the time and create a better workflow.

  5. Ask For Help - If you're stuck on a thought or feeling frustrated, ask for assistance. Seek out a goal coach, mentor or a trusted friend for advice. When possible, delegate tasks. You can benefit from the extra help. This will also take a load off of your mind.

I hope that you will find these Goal Enhancers useful.

Please share your thoughts or ask any questions in the comments below.


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