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What Black History Means To Me!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

I am going to talk about what black History means to me! Black History is a very important topic. When I say important I mean IMPORTANT because our ancestors created a way for us to be able to do the things we are able to do today. Such as voting, going to schools that are not segregated, ability for us to be in political seats today. Who knows we would have ever been to see a black president of the United States and a black first lady of the United States in which I am the most proudest of. They have been a great example of being great. They gave us hope in believing we can be whatever we want to be if we work hard and remain humble. They came up with several ways for us as black people for us to have things we weren't able to have before such as affordable healthcare. Which was a big deal for our culture.The first lady came up with the eating healthier and that is something we need to stay focused on because taking care of our health helps us live longer.

Being black also means to me that we are a great people. Even though we are a culture that seems to have struggled the most, we are the strongest. We have been through, police officers being mean to us by hosing and sending dogs to attack our ancestors, white people to be mean to us just to hate the color of our skin. That makes me sad to think they did that to our grandparents, and parents but I now see that they were strong people and that is my culture. I am proud of my culture. I love my people. We are strong, determined, smart, inquisitive, and unique. We love to laugh, dance, and be around other people like us. That makes me be proud of being black.

As a Culture our music is everything. We have some great music artists in our culture. I

remember my mother telling me that my great aunt would have a lot of basement parties and the music would be so loud and they would dance, laugh and listen to music all night long. Music soothes the soul. We have a special kind of music called Go-Go music which kinda reminds me of african music but it’s our own genre especially here in the DMV. We dance to the beat of our own drum, as I heard people say. But I am glad to be a part of that too. I love to dance and I love listening to music. Music seems to bring people together.

Being black and my black history makes me extremely proud to be black. I am grateful for those before us who paved the way for us to be able to do what we do today. The list continues to grow in our people being first in a lot of positions that never seen anyone black in those positions to grow. One day I hope to be in one of those positions of being the first black woman.


Nevaeh L. Woodland is a student at Chesapeake Math and IT Middle school/High school in Prince George's County, MD. She is a rising 9th grader in the fall. She is a Cadette in Girl Scouts of America Troop 4599. She is also a dancer with her church, Greater Saint John Cathedral, LEJ Breakthrough Mime and Dance Ministry as well as a Junior Usher. In her spare time she loves to braid hair, listen to music and dance.

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