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Lovely $5 Bling

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Change the way you look, change the way you feel!

Lakisha Stepney, owner of “Lovely $5 Bling"
Lakisha Stepney, owner of “Lovely $5 Bling”

You may think Paparazzi is all about accessories but it is really about change! Changing the way you look, changing the way you feel, and building your confidence and financial freedom with affordable, fashionable accessories.

Lakisha Stepney, owner of “Lovely $5 Bling” is a supporter of Black Women Connexting Communities and she has a special offer for our listeners. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Goto the Lovely $5 Bling Facebook group:

  2. Join the group!

  3. Type "Free BWCC Prize" in the comments section of this post using the #BWCCpodcast hashtag & receive a FREE Paparazzi accessory.

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