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Black on the Block! L-Boogie's Beginnings

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Our journey back to media...

The hosts of the BWCC Podcast
Photo courtesy: Anthony Tilghman

The BWCC podcast is hosted by four beautiful black women in media: Caribgem, Krys, L-Boogie and Tyi. They all have an extensive background in media ranging from broadcast engineering to acting. Black on the Block is a journey from their beginnings, through transitions & breaks along with their reemergence in media! Let's start with L-Boogie...

L-Boogie's Beginnings

I have wanted to be in the media for as long as I can remember. I remember in elementary school, for christmas I wanted a tape recorder (a cassette tape to share my wisdom, lol). I would sit at the window and look outside because there was always a lot of activity going on. I recorded myself pretending to do a news segment of what was going outside. I wrote down what I saw then recorded myself as a news anchor reporting the news. When my friends came over, I’d try to get them to do it with me but they didn't find the same interest.

So being a news anchor was my first love. My story with radio when I heard people like Donnie Simpson, Moonman, Steph Lova, Sheila Stewart, Melvin Lindsey, Robin Breedon, and Wendy Williams. I knew radio was my thing. I love the platform, the energy and unity of it all. I will always be grateful for the two young ladies who gave me the opportunity to turn my dream into reality. When the doors were closed by so many others, I was granted a toe in the door. I took that opportunity and ran! I didn't walk. I sprinted into a life of media once that door opened up relationship building & creating platforms that are unique and priceless! I experienced things I could never have imagined possible.

Media/PR is my life without me giving any effort because it is what I love to do. When you have a hunger and passion for others, blessings overflow in your life and fill you up. This provides a deeper and better understanding of your purpose in life.

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