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I See You Queen

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Heyyy Love Muffins!

We just celebrated Black History month and this month we continue to celebrate Women In HerStory. At the beginning of February, I started to share people who are my history in my book, in my eyes. They have impacted me in some way, shape or form. Whether it is up close and personal or just me watching from afar and admiring what I see about them. I am starting to be very intentional about giving flowers now. Being a part of Black Women Connexting Communities has definitely made a difference in me because of the sisterhood that is portrayed in our communities. We have some very talented women amongst us and the circle continues to grow. It is so awesome when you can get to the point in life where you can celebrate someone else's success because you know your blessings are coming as well.

So this month, I encourage you to become even more intentional in celebrating sisters doing the work. So this month make this simple commitment to say to a woman,

"Sista girl, I see you and I am so proud of you."

Just saying those encouraging words can brighten someone's day and motivate and encourage them to believe they are on the right path and don't give up!


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