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Gratitude is an Attitude

Help yourself stay mindful by creating a “Gratitude Box”!

Sometimes we all need a little #attitude adjustment. Life comes at us at warp speed and we are bombarded with all the things we have to do in life. Often we get so caught up in the whirlwind that we forget to be grateful for the little golden moments. Creating a “Gratitude Box” is a great way to help us all stay mindful. We started the 1st season of the BWCC podcast with a Call To Action (CTA) for our listeners to create a “gratitude box”

How to Make a “Gratitude Box”

Step 1: Find a container with a lid. Think outside the box. You can use anything you like. Make a slot or opening for you to insert your “love” notes.

Step 2: Decorate your “Box”. You can use:

  • your favorite colors

  • your favorite quotes

  • Photos of your ancestors

Tap into your creative gifts and use this as an opportunity to #inspire yourself. Write “Gratitude Box” on your box. Now you have created a piece of art (depending on your art skills of course) for your space. Keep your gratitude box next to your bed or on your desk so stay #mindful of BEING GRATEFUL!!

How & When to Use Your Gratitude Box

Now you are ready to adjust your attitude towards one of gratitude. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, sticky notes, index card, heck, grab a napkin or anything else you can write on. And complete this statement: Today, I am grateful for….

You should use your gratitude box everyday just like you take your vitamins. If you are having a problem being grateful in any moment. If you find yourself complaining about something to be grateful, use your gratitude box to shift your mindset. How can you transform that frustration into power of #gratitude?

Mad about your baby daddy? Be grateful that you were able to grow to be in a better space mentally.

Broke? Be grateful for all that you do have and all that is to come, hey who knows!

These are just a few ways to use your #gratitudebox. This is a great exercise or art project to do with your children. It will help them become mindful of always keeping a grateful heart. Check out Season 1, Ep. 2, "Gratitude is an Attitude", when the ladies of BWCC talked about their gratitude boxes and the ways they use it to keep an themselves balanced.

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