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Get Checked

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

A Film Review

Hello Love Muffins,

Just want to share my review of Get Checked. This was my first time at the Union District Oyster Bar and I loved the ambiance. We went a little early just to grab something to eat before the viewing. I order Fried Fish Sliders and Seafood Deviled Eggs. The food was delicious.

I knew it was viewing about bringing awareness to Breast Cancer but with a twist. We are very familiar with being aware of the various screenings for women when it comes to breast cancer but how often do we hear about men being diagnosed with breast cancer? This film brings awareness to it.

It's about a couple and the wife is recovering from her breast cancer diagnosis only to find out a different outcome. It is a must-see and shouts out to Timeless Entertainment for bringing this awareness to men. For more information for men screening for breast cancer check out this website -


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