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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Crystals are not just beautiful but are electric.

At some point in your life, you have either seen, touched or worn crystals. Parents pass down jeweled family heirlooms, people get engaged, you were digging around the yard and didn’t realize that under the dirt on that rock is Clear Quartz, you get the point. They can look so different but look so similar. They can be raw, which is fresh out of the ground, may even still have dirt on it honestly or it’s been washed off and nothing else. Tumbled or polished crystals are shaped to be smooth and have been brightened by polishing. They may have even been treated so that they do not flake off when being worn. This happens with some layered crystals like Black Tourmaline and Selenite. Most crystals that you find in jewelry stores or the jewelry section of a department store are polished, shaped and faceted. This gives them a different look and feel as far as style. People wear crystals as jewelry admiring and basking in the look it gives to the wearer. Past that, many do not know about crystals.

Do not feel one ounce of sadness if you know nothing past this. That’s why we are here! ~ Persia Red

Crystals are not just beautiful but are electric. I mean they give off their own vibrations. Some are considered neither a solid nor a liquid like Clear Quartz because it vibrates so quickly. Mind blower right? Regardless, crystals each give off energy specific to them. All Amethyst do the same thing unless it’s Chevron Amethyst or another variation. Variations will have like qualities and some slightly different ones as well. The energy can benefit us when being worn or just by sitting in an area with crystals in them. Benefits range from aligning chakras, removing negative energy, assisting in Massage Therapy, promotion of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing, to name a few. You can walk up to different people wearing crystals and ask them why they wear them. You will of course get different answers but the base categories will be the same.

Crystals are unisex and can be worn classy or as gaudy, whichever makes you feel the happiest.Crystals can be taller and or bigger than humans. They can be used as home decor for any part of the house as well as be one of the main leading components for computers! Yes they really are. Your computer has a Clear Quartz crystal in it. It helps connect and amplify the electricity but don’t quote me. Between Google, Lapidaries and Libraries there isn’t a lack of information out there if you want to go further.

If you already have a favorite, do you know what its metaphysical characteristics are? Why not check it out!

By Persia Red

May 25, 2022

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