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CaribgemSpeaks: A Sense of Normalcy

I'm excited to get back to a sense of "normalcy & routine" which looks different for everyone. For me, meditating & stretching in nature while listening to music is apart of my AM Routine. Doing this helps me feel "normal". I often forget that there's still a pandemic happening while I'm in my zone.

My AM Routine

Also, watching my kids walk to the bus stop also helps me feel "normal". After being in the house so long, I think it's the fact of being able to go outside "freely" again. Seeing & hearing the activity in the community is refreshing. Everything was really STILL for a looong time. It's like someone pressed play on a paused movie.

S/O to #Indieartist JoRob & his song "Wake Up" which is apart of my AM Vibes playlist on Spotify! I 💙 this track. It truly helps me get my day started.

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