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Black on the Block! Krys's Beginnings

Our journey back to media...

The BWCC podcast is hosted by four beautiful black women in media: Caribgem, Krys, L-Boogie and Tyi. They all have an extensive background in media ranging from broadcast engineering to acting. Black on the Block is a journey from our beginnings, through transitions & breaks along with their reemergence in media! Next up Krys...

Krys's Beginnings

I recall my 7th grade year taking a TV production class as an elective. It was a second floor classroom. I don’t remember the teachers name, but she was a short black woman with glasses and natural hair. She had a very casual style. I can’t recall her outfit but she always dressed professional. We had a studio set with cameras and we produced the daily morning announcements. This was the first time that I was excited about something in school but there were no other opportunities that would continue to fuel that spark outside of school. So when those 9 weeks were up, so was my exposure to TV production. In high school, I was apart of the stage crew which helped create sets for our school plays. Thinking about it now, I’ve been interested in behind the scenes media since middle school.

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