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Black Biz Connext

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

A NEW show by Black Women Connexting Communities!

Season 2 of the #BWCCpodcast is coming to a close this month, on June 23rd! This season seemed to fly by so quickly for us. It has always been the intention of producers to highlight black businesses on the show. The Black Biz Connext was originally the 14th episode of Season 2. This episode also sparked deep interest amongst our small business network. Since then, we've received overwhelming DMs & emails asking to set up guest features on our platform. The producers decided to create a spin-off show dedicated to the black business.

The Black Biz Connext is a talk radio show that spotlights black businesses in the DMV & around the world. This show helps to boost the awareness & importance of the black business owner. Each business is featured in a 20 minute episode hosted by one of the ladies of BWCC. The BBC debuts, Wednesday, June 30th at 8:30pm & will air every other Wednesday during the summer. The Black Biz Connext is powered by W.O.W Radio.

Are you interested in being featured on the Black Biz Connext? Click here to complete the online registration.

To learn more about Black Women Connnexting Communities please visit

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