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Are you struggling to get out of a rut?

Are you feeling down or unmotivated?

If yes, then you should consider taking some time off from your daily routine and try

something new. You might have heard of the power of self-affirmation before. Self-affirmations are statements that remind us of our strengths and abilities. They can boost our confidence and improve our mood. They say that millions of thoughts pass through our minds a day. I’m sure they are not all affirming because life is life and we know shit happens, but you can stretch your brain muscles and exercise by affirming yourself.

You have to constantly remind yourself how GREAT you are! Self-affirmations are powerful tools that can help you change your mindset and achieve success. Here are four ways to affirm yourself.

  1. Start your affirmation with I AM…

  2. Use affirmations to turn a negative trait into a positive trait. For example you struggle with procrastination. You can make a positive affirmation that says, “I AM Getting things done with ease”

  3. Be creative! Create a new vision for yourself.

  4. Add some gratitude. I AM GRATEFUL!

Write notes on stickies or a whiteboard & put them somewhere you’ll always see them.

As you see them, read them silently to yourself or out loud. You’ll begin to think these affirming thoughts constantly. Watch it work as you do the work, achieving your goals!


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