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16 Year Old Starts His Own Barbershop

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

A young entrepreneur in Memphis, Tennessee opens up a barbershop right in his backyard!

Don Cutz Barbershop Grand Opening (Memphis, Tennessee)
Photo courtesy: Facebook

16 year old, "Tsagai Da WiseOne" was raised with an entrepreneurial village around him. It's no surprise to those who know him but to the regular person looking in, he's years ahead of his time. On December 13, 2020 Tsagai opened up Don Cutz barbershop right in his own backyard.

You didn’t come to this earth to bullcrap, you came to this earth with a purpose and you will fulfill that purpose. -- Sah Maat

Tsagai's mom, Sah Maat, gives insight on how he has become the young man he is today.

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